This edition will be articulated around four vectors of growth in ASEAN:

  • Tourism

  • Connected health

  • "Smart Cities"

  • Chinese investments in the new silk roads

When China changes the face of tourism

With a 15% increase of tourism abroad compared to last year, Chinese tourism represents a prominent place in the tertiary sector’s development in ASEAN. What are the behaviors of these tourists in ASEAN and how can French businesses meet their expectations?

Health, the new challenge of ASEAN

With an aging population, the health sector is one of the most challenging areas in ASEAN. How does the use of new technologies revolutionize the sector and what are the opportunities for French companies?

Smart Cities

By 2050, the number of urban residents will see an increase of 6.3 billion people. How will ASEAN face this challenge? The perspective of sustainable and efficient cities is more than ever at the heart of the hot topics, the field of "smart grids" and effective and intelligent buildings open their arms to French companies.

Chinese investments and the Belt and Road Initiative in ASEAN

Despite the slowdown in its growth, China continues to heavily invest in ASEAN with 150 billion invested in 2018. What about France? What are our strengths and how to encourage the French companies’ integration into Chinese projects?