The forum ASEAN

The Forum ASEAN was created over 20 years ago with the ambition to show French companies the unique development opportunities, as well as its distribution networks in each country. From 2015, the implementation of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) has opened new opportunities for French companies. Together, the 10 ASEAN countries represent a global market of over 800 million consumers with industrial sectors where the French offer is present.

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Who are we?

The Institution of the French Foreign Trade Advisors was born from the need to collect economic information worldwide to contribute to France international development. At the head of private businesses, The Foreign Trade Advisors of France are in the number of 4,000 worldwide. The French Foreign Trade Advisors are appointed for three years by Decree of the Prime Minister, on the proposal of the Minister of Foreign Trade for their international expertise and their desire to serve on a voluntary basis for the international influence of France.

In Cambodia, the comity strives to make the Cambodian market known to French businesses which could expand their activities there, in order to grasp the opportunities offered by a country located at the heart of a region whose economic growth is the fastest in the world.